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Meal Applications

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Austintown Elementary School
Attn: Stephanie Pavlich

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Meal Applications

⇐  2018-19 online free/reduced meal application!

All students start as full pay. Families who would like these meal benefits MUST apply or re-apply for Free/Reduced priced meals EACH SCHOOL YEAR, regardless of their eligibility the previous year.

We work diligently to process applications as soon as they are received, however applying online will reduce processing time. You will be notified on your eligibility for these benefits once the application is processed.

Until the application is approved, you agree to pay the full price for meals. Families are responsible for ALL meal charges that occur before an application is approved. Your eligibility DOES NOT back date and cover the cost of charged meals, so be sure to provide appropriate money for your child.

The Ohio Department of Education, Office for Child Nutrition would like to share the following:

Student meal eligibility--first 30 operating days student meal eligibility carry over from last school year. As a reminder, schools must carry over a student’s meal eligibility status from the previous school year for 30 operating days into the current school year until a new eligibility determination is made, either approved or denied. 

The new eligibility determination supersedes the carryover eligibility. Students of whom a new application was not completed and are not deemed categorically eligible for free meals for the current school year must have their carry over benefits ended and changed to paid status on the 31st school operating day.